Style Advice Of The Week: Fall Back (Pack) To School

Style Advice Of The Week: Fall Back (Pack) To School

As the last summer days approach, college students must prepare for the busy semester ahead. In Michigan, summer is quickly pushed out as fall rushes in. It’s time, once again, to pull out our favorite fall essentials. Some of which include denim jackets, flannels, chunky cardigans, dresses, tall boots and the list goes on.

I always say fall is the best season for fashion because you are able to layer onto your outfits. Nothing is better than being able to put together an effortlessly chic look that makes you feel confident.

For back to school this fall, the simple backpack is an easy accessory to add on to every look. This season, backpacks are neater therefore chicer. This fashionista added this trendy Nastygal leather backpack to her look. This can be used as a school bag, an everyday bag or both! Which adds functionality and versatility to all of her outfits. 

Aside from her cute bag, this fashionista shows off her vintage inspired look that is sure to turn heads this back to school season. Her look includes multiple layers. Thus gives her the option to switch it up throughout the day.

The first layer is a trendy mock neck dress. This dress is a strong burnt orange color that is great for fall. The flannel around her waist gives the dress shape and a pop of color. For the last layer, she chose her Brandy Melville denim jacket. This jacket gives a touch of vintage flare to a modern outfit.

The details in this Fashionista’s look are subtle yet make a statement. She pinned on pins to the jacket that expresses her voice. She chose a round pair of sunglasses that adds to the vintage flare with a bold statement. Lastly, she tied the look together by wearing a popular campus essential, Hunter tall rain boots. These boots add a iconic style to a vintage inspired look.

My advice this back to school season is to add onto your outfits to elevate your style. Layer on everyday outfits like this fashionista did with a denim jacket, flannel and simple statement details. You’ll be surprised how quick and simple it is. Also, don’t miss out on these campus essentials, the must have chic backpack and tall rain boots! Be sure to be inspired and put together trends, such as this one, that will help you stand out on campus this fall.