Now that it’s back at school I feel like we’re all really just over the summer, at least I know I am. I’m ready for boots, sweaters and scarves and all of the other incredible things that come with the fall weather. However, no one really wants to be the girl wearing her new boots when it’s still 85 degrees outside. However, there are still some of those days when it’s chilly in the morning and then heats up by the afternoon. In those cases, the look that this Fashionista rocked on one of the first days of classes is perfect.

Loose and patterned shorts have been a trend I’ve seen all over the place, especially since being back on campus. They’re that perfect mix of cute and comfortable; making you look like you put some good thought into your outfit, yet they feel like you’re wearing pajamas. Perfect, right? They come in both great solid colors, and fun patters like these, both of which will work perfectly as a going-to-class outfit. Pairing them with some summer sandals lets everyone know that you’re aware that it’s still kinda hot out and stops you from looking too overzealous. However, throwing on a loose knit cardigan over a simple tank is not only stylish, but super practical. Don’t we all have that one classroom that literally feels like an icebox? And then there’s also the one where you’re sweating for the entire class period. With this, neither one of those things will be a problem, since you can just throw on the sweater if you get cold or put it in your bag if it gets too hot.

Simple accessories, a basic leather tote and cool sunglasses finish off a classic look that could be thrown on five minutes before you need to run out the door in the morning. The key is the breeziness of the shorts with the contrasting sweater, making this the perfect transition outfit from summer to fall.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I have a couple pairs of shorts like this and they’re my favorite thing to throw on for class since they’re so insanely comfortable. I also just dug this sweater out of my fall clothing bin and I couldn’t be happier that I did, since it makes the outfit just a little more autumnal.”