The weather has been crazy lately. One day it’s sunny and in the 80s while the next day it’s raining and chilly. What does a Fashionista wear when the weather is playing these games? Lucky for us, I spotted a Fashionista with the perfect style and advice for what to wear when the weather is back and forth.

This Fashionista rocks leggings from Charlotte Russe with a strip of leather down each side. The strip helps accentuate the shape of her legs and makes her look taller and elongated. She pairs them with a floral graphic T-shirt from Forever 21. This works as the main piece in the look, giving it some color and life.

I’ve also noticed that floral has been a trending print for a while now and works great as the main piece for many outfits! Whether it’s a jacket, leggings, skirt or any other garment you can think of, adding a floral element of some type to your look with always give it a nice focal point. This Fashionista’s bright, floral graphic T-shirt is what drew my attention to her in the first place—just proving that floral is a great, eye-catching trend!

To accessorize, this Fashionista goes with simple jewelry: a gold watch and big gold hoop earrings. Her main accessory piece is the black and white snapback that she sports backwards. Pairing this hat with the big earrings gives this look a “chill” feel to it, yet still looks very fashionable. It also helps that this Fashionista is a rock star and pulls off bright red hair really well. Having a bold color hair can really add to a look and help it give off a certain feeling.

To finalize her look, she wore a pair of black booties with a gold accent around the toe and cutouts on the sides. Since there is not much detail on her leggings, this detail on the shoes gives a nice focal point for the lower part of her look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When the weather is fluctuating between hot and cold like it is now, wear a printed jumpsuit paired with a leather jacket. This way you can still be on trend for spring.”