When in doubt, the graphic T-shirt never fails to bring an audience. Always a closet asset, from the back in the day style of cartoon characters, such a preference always evolves to more mature tastes (as shown here). With so much versatility in visuals, this type of T-shirt can go with just about any other article of clothing! My favorite aspect in the diversity of this specific apparel is the high comfort quality that for those low maintenance is definitely perfect in creating a minimal outfit that produces maximum attention.

A common fashion staple in Tarantino films and other cult cinematography, the prevalence of such defines it as being a symbol in fashion rebellion. Graphic T-shirts give off just the right amount of carelessness, making this trend an open expression of one’s personality and their tastes, whether it be your favorite band, beliefs or even favorite food, all can be showcased with little to no effort at all!

Hesitant in presenting a bold top, especially one as eye-catching such as this Fashionista’s? Well, the key is in the simplicity of everything else. No need to detract the attention away from the top due to heavily patterned apparel. Solid colors are the central aspect of this piece as our Fashionista rocks a solid pair of mom jeans that highlights the colors of the top. Lets not forget about those cool creepers of hers as the white perfectly complements the main color of the shirt, which only further emphasizes the main feature of the outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like to have fun with what I wear! Always be yourself with what you wear, don’t be discouraged to wear what you like!”