Are you also trying to avoid the beginning of fall? I feel you. I’m not ready for this semester and all of the stress it’s going to bring to my life. This year, I found myself and others complaining about the first day of classes—introducing yourself, giving an odd fact about yourself and you know, just trying to be funny. As we were complaining, I noticed that the only ones who were complaining were seniors. I can’t believe that it’s my last year and my last semester in Boston, which means no more of those odd facts, explaining what year I am and what brings me to Boston.

I know that you can’t keep your eyes off of this beautiful Fashionista! This is a perfect outfit that you could look stylish in and feel comfortable in at the same time. What makes this outfit stand out is, of course, the little shorts! I just loved her look and wanted to share it with you. I love combining crop tops with shorts, as well.

I’m sure you noticed that she didn’t use a bag for this dress and it doesn’t disturb me at all. It gives the outfit a different vibe. I liked how she didn’t use a bag or a clutch but it is also an option. On the other hand, if I had to use something, that would either be a clutch.

You can also wear these shorts with different type of sandals, and it would still look as beautiful and stylish as it is. This outfit definitely is a good idea for the last days of summer.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wearing high waisted shorts with crop tops and long kimonos or long thick trench coats is my latest favorite outfit. By the way, I’m also obsessed with my both casual and fashionable gladiator sandals, which can be combined perfectly with all kind of mini clothes. My advice to you is do not underestimate the iconic gladiator sandals and don’t miss them. Go ahead and just buy a pair.”