With the summer coming to a close, we’re all wishing that school isn’t about to start. Just thinking about starting a new semester, buying more books that are way overpriced and studying for exams is the last thing that we want to do after being out of school for over three months. Although, with summer ending, you know what that means? Back to school shopping! Now we might be a little bit excited to go back to show off our new clothes, right? If not, we still have no choice. So let’s make sure we kick off fall semester the right way in our new attire!

Since the fall semester for most colleges start at the end of August, this means it’s still pretty hot outside. At least for the first few weeks of school it’s still about 75 degrees, so make sure you don’t pack up all of your summer clothes! They will still be in use for beginning of the school year.

This Fashionista has a great back to school look. With it still being pretty hot out, she definitely won’t be too warm in this outfit walking around campus. She styled a plain white tank top with a pair of distressed high-waisted shorts and completed the look with some simple Rainbow sandals. Also, peeking behind the white tank top is a black bralette that adds a little touch to the outfit. You’ll notice she doesn’t tuck in the white tank top into her high-waisted shorts. Sometimes you don’t have to tuck your shirt into your high-waisted shorts if you want a more casual look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When it’s time to go back to school, I know everyone dreads it, but think of the plus side, you can show off all your new clothes you bought over the summer! For a simple look like this, throw on a tank top over a bralette with some shorts and off to class you go!”