STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Embrace The Blanket Scarf

As temperatures drop into the single digits, statement trends take a back seat to groutfits and oversized sweaters. As the mornings get progressively colder, the campus landscape transforms into a mass of black Canada Goose puffers and furry hoods. What this frigid weather offers is a chance to play with proportion, and this Fashionista does just that while featuring my favorite winter trend: the blanket scarf.

The blanket scarf is a highly useful multi-tool for college students. It is the only piece of clothing that has the ability to transform from an incredibly warm shawl to a scarf, blanket (for sleeping in the back of those big lecture classes) or pillow (if your lecturer is that boring). One with a bold print or color stands out nicely against an all-black or neutral ensemble and adds a pop of color to a dreary day. Proportionally, a blanket scarf pairs beautifully with skinny jeans, tights or leggings, and some fashion risk takers will combine one with a completely oversized ensemble to an edgy effect. Whatever you do, just avoid the Lenny Kravitz effect, though I must admit it is the most legendary scarf of all time.

This Columbia Fashionista paired her navy and burgundy blanket scarf with a burgundy mini skirt and black tights, which help to balance out the oversized top. The collar of her denim jacket peeks out of her black coat and adds a pop of light blue to an otherwise dark outfit. She ups the grunge factor with a pair of unlaced black Dr. Martens and adds some personal flair with a pink lipstick and big hoop earrings. Composed of multiple layers, her outfit transitions beautifully from the numbing outdoors to a hot classroom.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Express your personality through your accessories. If you’re feeling bold, rock the bright lipstick or the big blanket scarf. If you’re feeling grungy, choose the beat up Docs. If you’re retro, go for the bronze hoops, and if you’re feeling really funky, wear them all.”