No matter the season, we all have a style that defines who we are in the fashion world. Some have one distinct, stereotypical style that sets them apart from the rest—edgy, punk, feminine or bohemian, whilst others take a plethora of elements and combine them into one unique style. Elements, such as fringe, are a clear indicator of a bohemian vibe, while leather, adds a definite edgy status. Although we all may like certain elements from different styles, we often don’t rock an entire ’70s-inspired bohemian look on a day-to-day basis.

This Fashionista decided to take edgy elements and incorporate them into her everyday style. By taking this army green jacket with leather detailing, along with an all black leather backpack, she has added an edgy vibe to her look. She decided to pair her jacket and bag with these studded black booties, black bowler hat and simple layering necklaces. She ties the entire look together with a bold, deep red lip and black sunglasses. In order to break up the mostly black look, this Fashionista went with a simple, cream sweater. This look features all basic pieces that we can all incorporate into our wardrobes, no matter what style represents us best. By picking basic pieces, like these, we can create so many different looks, and essentially give ourselves a bigger closet. With pieces that have small details, such as studs or leather patches, we can truly make these basic wardrobe pieces unique to ourselves, and our own personal styles.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Style is not about a designer tag, or extravagant pieces—style is about how you use those pieces, and how you represent yourself to the world. Remember to stay true to your style by adding small elements to all of your looks that truly represent who you are, and your aesthetic. Most importantly, have fun with fashion.”