There are plenty of mornings that you hit the snooze button one time too many. And when you finally slide out from the sheets, you’re no closer to making that early Monday class than you are to letting go of your warm, cozy bed. Solution? That new, spunky tank top and your favorite American Eagle Outfitters jeans.

This Fashionista flaunts her frame with cuffed, mid-wash skinnies and a spring-inspired top. In a time crunch, her look is the perfect combination. You can sleepwalk through your dressing routine as you step into adorable basics like hers. To up the simplicity, she chose a multi-colored leather tote from Steve Madden and a bold band on her finger. The bag fits all of her essentials and makes for an easy grab before the walk out the door. I adored her tank top’s foliage-esque print, wonderfully paired with our blooming, lush campus. Not only is this Fashionista’s ribbed top interesting and warm weather friendly, but it stands out against the sea of her peer’s bland, basics. Never underestimate the power of patterns.

Next time you wake up in a crunch, take a moment to remember this girl’s pairing. Keep things easy with your favorite jeans and a stand out top. Maybe hit the snooze button one more time and rest assure knowing adorable is only a quick dash away.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Everybody needs a bit of color in their day. All-black is no fun at this time of the year. So whether it’s a print, a purse or a pair of flats, invite a bit of livelihood into the mix. It keeps things fun.”