Once the holiday season comes to an end and we have entered the new year, everyone gets hyped about spring fashion and make room in their closets for a spring wardrobe. When we go to the mall, marketing for such a season can get a bit aggressive, so this Fashionista reminds us that we can avoid the mall when acquiring our spring wardrobe by simply sifting through styles of the past.

This Fashionista wears an ensemble made up of vintage and pieces reminiscent of past decades’ spring seasons. Sporting a pair of vintage, light wash Levi Brand Jeans, a vintage blouse, loafers and a quaint kitten printed coin purse, she gets an early start on spring style by making use of local thrift and vintage shops during the winter months.

What is stand out for spring when looking at this Fashionista’s outfit is her top, which features a graceful, pastel peach hue, large lapels and subtle wildflower embroidery on the double-breasted blazer. Pairing this with equally light-colored denim pants that are also oversized, she achieves a comfortable yet sophisticated look that is made complete with patent leather loafers and a cute coin purse that adds to the light, neutral color palette. Adding a dark burgundy lip to match the loafers gives her a moody vibe and also prevents the look from coming across as too springy during the winter months.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid of thrifting! So much of my wardrobe has been found at thrift stores all over, especially Goodwill. You can find tons of awesome pieces there.”