STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Duck Boots and Spring Days

Cool days on campus always seem to bring me into the outfit blues. Certain outfit options must be dropped , tanks must stay in the closet, and hat hair is a terrifying combination. Personally, one of my biggest spring day struggles stems from my lack of adequate footwear. Leather and suede are absolutely not options during those rainy mornings and lightweight boots for your morning commute are difficult to find. But fear not those cold days because this trendsetter has the perfect shoe choice for those dreary moments on your campus.

The L.L.Bean duck boot has been around for years, known for their durability, quality, and ultimate protection from whatever comes your way. The duck boot is a great way to diversify your winter wardrobe on campus; on a campus full of Hunter Boots and Sorels, L.L.Bean gives you this fresh option in a variety of colors, which can translate into any outfit.

For this trendsetter, he matched his boots with a pair of light washed fitted jeans, a Missouri long-sleeve, and Patagonia vest. A light vest is a perfect transition from your bulky winter coat, along with a simple long sleeve and a pair of fitted jeans. The outfit provides the cool comfort that spring weather demands of us and works whether you are running to class or hanging out with friends.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I prefer to stick to three colors per outfit and the layering was cute and pragmatic; the boots also add a personal touch because they are my go-to during the spring semester”