STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Dressed in the Colors of Fall

Besides the calendar indicating so, there are many signs of the turn of autumn found right in nature itself. Leaves start to fall, and the temperature begins to drop, but not many Fashionistas/os let this prohibit them from showing off the latest trends. In fact, many Fashionistas/os, especially those on the campus of Central Michigan University, use the turn of autumn to their advantage!

This Fashionista strolled to class on a cool day ready to roar in rocking gear. Her skirt was vibrantly colored orange. With her sassy red hair to enhance the color of the skirt, this Fashionista was keen on making a bold statement of fashion truth.

During these cool days before winter falls upon us, all Fashionistas should take note of this featured trend of utilizing colorful skirts to their advantage. She dressed in the colors of fall.

The black that accompanied this ensemble enhanced the colors even more. The simplicity of the black flats and black tights drew attention directly up from the ground towards the vibrantly orange colored skirt. The black lace top added subtle detail while still keeping the simplicity of the outfit. The fancy dangling earrings offset the outfit ever so slightly, taking it from casual to snappy casual.

So, if you’re looking for fun, funky and fresh ways to incorporate the colors of fall into your everyday outfits, take good notes from this Fashionista and sport a skirt in the color of fall!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Neutral nail polish. We’re in such a transitional season period that a neutral color nail polish is perfect to compliment outfits that fit into all your fall outfit combinations.”