It’s almost spring break! That means packing, buying the latest swimsuit and dieting our butts off right? Wrong. Our professors know that our minds are on the beach so they all decided to gang up and put their midterms on the same week. It’s simply cruel. Everyone is crammed into the library instead of at the pool. They are cooped up inside, finding their own quiet corner to cram instead of enjoying the newly warm weather. I have to say that in times like these, we Fashionistas/os can find our outfits lacking in style. Comfortable takes claim over cuteness. However, I recently I heard this quote and it has forever changed my outlook on testing. Taking that quick study break before a test to put together and outfit (and maybe even brush your hair) will give you the time to gain confidence and get your mind out of the cram space. Dressing well to test well is a real thing. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself!

Taking “dress well, test well” to a trendy level, this Fashionista is rocking an army vest that is super in right now. The military style has been a major influence in fashion since World War II. Adding this hard edge to an outfit creates a dynamic look sure to be recognized. Military influences have been seen in all facets of fashion. The bomber jacket, the trench coat and Aviators are all examples of military garments that became huge trends. Even the color army green has become huge because of its versatility. It lends itself to all types of garments, like pants, jackets and vests; it’s a color that matches virtually everything and can be quickly paired with any outfit. An obvious example is this Fashionista’s get-up. Pairing this army vest with simple jeans, white T-shirt and Keds, it transforms this look from “dress okay, test okay” to “dress fabulously, test fabulously.” She’s definitely going to pass that anatomy test like a true soldier: with honor and courage.

What is your style advice of the week? “Dressing better makes you feel better AND smarter! Also, always go for the headband to get the hair out of your face.”