This Fashionista knows how to make a great transition from summer to fall. Denim is the new black, wearing it and pairing it with everything. This Fashionista dressed in a LF lace up denim T-shirt dress. It is an old Harley Davidson denim shirt turned new with white accent lace down the middle. She is also sporting some adidas Original Superstars that are comfortable and fashionable.

Her jewelry adds to the layering effect of the lace with her multiple necklaces. To achieve this look you can layer an ela rae choker and some dainty Dogeared necklaces. Layering multiple small necklaces is easy and is a great way to enhance any outfit. This Fashionista is also wearing a stack of bracelets matching the blue hues of her outfit.

To add some more denim she has on her babe hat from Urban Outfitters. Trending this fall is the “dad hat” and here is an easy way to bring in an old style with a new feel. You can find hats with different emojis and text almost anywhere right now.

This fall denim is a huge trend but accessorizing denim is even more popular than plain denim. Embroidered denim, like this Fashionista’s hat, is becoming more and more popular as well as pins and patches. Adding accessories to denim can spice up a new season whether your adding to your shorts, jeans or a jacket.