When I was a young snow bunny, you could always find me frolicking in the snowbanks at recess all bundled up in my favorite, bright pink ski jacket. This jacket was my winter staple for years until I had to graduate a size or two, but that little pink jacket was always replaced with a new ski jacket of some vibrant color. Other than painting a picture of my stylish and adventurous youth for you, my point is that, until a few years ago, I was unaware of the abundance of winter jacket styles available for sporting in the snow. Now, when the temperatures begin dropping, I’m always on the hunt for a new jacket, whether it be a cozy fleece pullover or fluffy down parka (even though my mom refuses to finance my jacket obsession).

The advent of snow and below-freezing temps doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style or hide under all that insulation; cold weather fashion extends not only head-to-toe but to the outermost layers, too. So, ditch your bulky winter shell jackets that make you look as if you got ahold of all the Christmas cookies before Santa could make it down the chimney. Instead, save those ski jackets for the slopes, and try on a cozy wool coat this season, like this Fashionista did.

This longline peacoat is a perfect transitional piece as we move into the frigid winter months. A coat like this can refine any outfit, no matter how casual. It’s great for keeping warm on your treks to class while also maintaining your air of “put-togetheredness” in this time of chaos and despair, aka final exam season.

This Fashionista stuck with a cool color palette that matches the frigid, overcast weather we’ve been having in Madison before the real winter really kicks into gear. Her green sweater tank top is a fabulous combination of winter and summer styles that’s super versatile and great for layering in the cooler months. These light wash jeans are another wonderful staple piece in this Fashionista’s closet that work well in the summer and (obviously) in late fall, too.

After Madison saw its first snow of the year this past week, this Fashionista wanted to keep her toes toasty during her icy and treacherous journey to class. So, she threw on this adorable pair of black ankle booties, a must-have for this season. Booties go with almost any style of bottoms and any outfit, casual or dressy, so the hunt for your perfect pair is worth your time and money, without a doubt. Finally, this Fashionista chose her favorite gold initial necklace to add a little pop of personalization to this look.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: “I like to wear my peacoat to tie together any outfit, really. It’s a simple way to look more put together and a little dressed up.”