The everyday college experience is always hectic. Even though you may really want to, trying to spend a lot of time putting together outfits that are both chic and comfortable may be difficult at times when you have two exams, a 10-page paper and five classes to attend and get done by the end of the day!

Athleisure wear is the number one answer to those stressful days and can truly be your dearest and nearest best friends. Simplistic, yet chic pieces make great statements on-the-go and they are found in every price point and almost every brand. Finding the right pieces that matches your aesthetic and budget won’t be a hassle at all.

This Fashionista chose very trendy, yet comfortable pieces that will make it easy to move around and get through her day without worrying about the issues that extra pieces of clothing cause. One emerging brand that makes athleisure and athletic wear cool and fresh is Ivy Park. This particular brand has made a new wave of athletic and athleisure wear that  can be worn interchangeably to the gym or in our case: to class!

The Ivy Park crop top worn by this Fashionista is very clean cut and very now with its graphic, monochromatic lettering and silhouette. She then paired this crop top with an olive bomber jacket  and classic black sport leggings to give contrast to showcase the crop top and the statement that it makes.

What’s an athleisure outfit without the sneakers to complement? An incomplete one!

This Fashionista pulled out all of the stops and added fun and metallic flare to her ensemble to make sure this look didn’t go unnoticed. Gold-toe suede Puma Creepers were the shoe of choice for this look and they complimented the neutral and natural colors that were apart of the outfit’s color scheme.

Simple and well put together outfits shouldn’t be compromised just because of a busy day! Investing in athleisure pieces can take a boring outfit and transform it into a chic look with just a crop top or cool sneakers.