When did pink get such a bad name? It’s flattering, bold and totally #rad, but St. Valentine’s favorite color still gets a bad rep. In my opinion, this is a trend that needs more attention because a man who can pull off pink is one with confidence and style.  Think Chuck Bass.  Gossip Girl‘s oh-so-chic bad boy wore it on countless occasions and never failed to look his very best.  Whether it was a crisp button-down or just a matching tie and pocket square set, he always made it look amazing.  While I know it’s unrealistic for every guy to wear handmade suits every single day, a little pink every once in a while is definitely a must.

This Fashionisto used his vacation to take this advice.  Pink is perfect for any occasion, but the tropical theme of this one in particular makes wearing a little pink an easy go-to. His button-down is a must because of its versatility; whether going to an outdoor dinner or just adventuring downtown, this Fashionisto will be dressed for success.  In order to avoid overdoing this ensemble he matched it with simple black denim and some maroon, structured sneakers with pink accents. By coordinating the detailing of his shoes with the color of his shirt, he pulls together his entire outfit with ease. To finish off this vacation-ready look, he threw on some matte black Ray-Bans and a corduroy snapback.  You have to stay protected, right?

Not everyone can be as stylish and coordinated as Chuck Bass, but with the right accessories, any guy can be dressed to a T in pink.  Hopefully, before long, this “fear” of pink will be long gone.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I never understood why guys wearing pink was so frowned upon.  As long as it’s not everywhere, a little pink is always good in my book.”