STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Do Your Homework, And Then Do You

After working so hard for the semester, you deserve to be awarded, amongst other things. So pat yourself on the back because you have almost officially made it through the fall semester.

Even if you’ve had a few mental breakdowns in the library after binge drinking caffeine for three days straight, its alright, because you kept going. What I’m about to say next only applies to those who have all their homework done (sorry I’m an avid supporter of, “study now, party later”). As well, I don’t want to be held responsible when you email your professor Monday morning and tell them you can’t make it to class today because your favorite Style Guru told you to reward yourself with a night out. However, you have the rest of the week to catch up, meanwhile the rest of us will be pulling out that special dress in the back of our closets that’s been waiting all semester. Yeah, that dress, the “I ain’t got no worries” dress. If you don’t have that dress, there’s still no worry because this week’s Fashionista has you covered.

This Fashionista is wearing a seamless fit taupe midi dress with a plunged cut-out neckline, along with a pair of snake skin printed Marciano heels, can it get any better? She keeps her accessories to minimal wearing only a cuff arm bracelet and a rose gold watch by Michael Kors. She also styled her hair parted down the middle in long Kardashian style curls. Rewarding yourself for finished assignments on time never looked so good.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Students get so caught up in studying and moving from a to b locations for whatever scheduling they are following that day, that they get to this point where they’re too comfortable in their comfy clothes. So instead of sleeping in once your work is done this week, invest in a midi dress that will inspire you and pair it with some fancy pumps and take a night out on the city. “