STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Did you (Stü)ssy that Varsity Jacket?

Originating from the basketball courts, sweaty locker rooms and football fields, varsity jackets are now coming into everyday fashion. Today, these varsity jackets not only represent sports teams, but also the brand names you love.

Today’s look features a couple of items such as a trendy varsity jacket, from a popular brand that this Fashionisto loves, Stüssy. The brand was created by Shawn Stüssy in 1980 for the surfer and skater youth and then eventually transcended into the modern, urban fashion scene. Stüssy houses a variety of logos, but Shawn Stüssy’s graffiti signature still remains iconic. He has made many collaboration pieces with major brands and companies such as Marvel, Herschel and Nike.

This Fashionisto rocks two items from Stüssy, one being a blue, camo five-panel cap and the other being a gray varsity jacket, which appears to be the most notable piece in his look. The varsity jacket stands out as its light gray color contrasts with the rest of the outfit’s dark pieces. Varsity jackets are on trend this fall because they not only help keep people warm by providing an extra layer, but they also give off a casual or sporty look. In addition, these jackets allow for customization: they are not only made out of wool and leather, but also from a variety of other materials such as mesh and cotton, which allows Fashionistas/os from all over to mix and match their clothing.

Other pieces that complete this Fashionisto’s trendy, university look include a collared shirt from English Laundry, black chinos from Forever 21, black sneakers from Vans and a black backpack from A Bathing Ape.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear what you love.”