It’s that time of year! You’re free to wear those button down shirts, and your long jeans because it’s finally cooled down, and you haven’t yet whipped out the jacket that reaches your ankles and covers every outfit—it’s fall! The fashion-favorite for many Fashionista/o’s out there.

This month’s post includes a new trend that I’m super excited to share—especially for this season. Featured above, this Fashionisto’s button-down has not just any collar, but a Mandarin collar! The small, tight-fitting collar adds a little more edge to the outfit and works super well with the rest of his ensemble. You can also find the Mandarin collar in jackets. Explore this new trend here for boys, and here for girls.

But the real edge lies in his shirt. This Fashionisto custom-made, and ordered his own design! Inspired by Hilary Clinton’s Campaign logo, he changed an “H,” into a “K,” in reference to Kanye! Talk about RAD. You can buy his design here. Yes, Kanye said he was running for president, and no, he wasn’t not kidding.

But back to this outfit. This Fashionisto did a really great job of wearing a button-down by adding a graphic tee for a more dynamic look, and also a little pop of culture. Definitely risky, and definitely working!

Next up: the jeans. Cuffed jeans make for a more clean, and put together look. Sometimes you want that messy, scruff look. But other times, the clean look is what suits you best. Love the decisions.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “A good Fashionista/o has their peripheral sights set to finding ‘timeless,’ pieces of clothing; but, a great one isn’t afraid to wear something that reflects right now 2015, this moment in time.”