September 29th, 2015 at 2:00am

Denim. Jeans. That blue material you wear on casual Fridays. No matter how you toss it, it will always be fashionable. I congratulate the person who stuck her arms through the pant legs of her jeans and decided that it wasn’t comfortable so she added some more substance around her back and made it into a jacket.

The Fashionista for this week chose correctly when she opened up her closet this morning complaining about having nothing to wear. There it was, staring at her. Perfectly sewn patches of a pant material. Unlike most days in Arizona, the clouds hovering amongst the 88 degree weather allowed for this Fashionista to throw on that jean jacket and strut her stuff. Sunglasses are needed in Arizona all day, every day. Pairing it with the color black was an obvious choice to help the outfit flow.

Basic clothing options are what I would suggest most with a jean jacket, although the possibilities are endless. The neutral colors of black, gray and white help the color stand out. Pairing it with an adorable pair of booties is a must, which I seem to preach in most of my articles. Boots and dresses are the most flattering combination, aside from the comfort it allows.

Denim is in. It always seems to be in, but more so now than ever. So wear some jeans. Wear a jean jacket. Wear a backpack made of scraps from your old jeans. Take those scraps and make it into a scarf or bracelet. But whatever you do, please do not pair jeans and a jean jacket of the same exact jean color. That is the number one rule of wearing jeans.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Never be afraid to take risks with your outfits. That’s how trends start in the first place.”