At the count of three, sing “I” if you’re currently obsessed with something. Ready? One, two, three. Did you sing along? If there was a way for all of us to have heard each other say “I,” then you would’ve noticed how many of us are currently obsessed! No matter what it is—a song that’s on repeat, a delicious cookie, a cute boy, a TV show or a movie—obsession seems to be inevitable. And what’s number one on nearly every Fashionista’s list of obsession? Denim. Oh yes, denim is taking over our wardrobes like money leaving our pockets—fast and impactful. Denim has everyone’s heart fluttering and wanting more, and this Fashionista proved why that is.

This Fashionista will probably make you go buy denim. Her denim-on-denim look is simple and easy, but still makes an impact. How? She gives her chambray top a little twist. By tying the ends of her top into a knot, she makes what could end up hiding her outfit into something that will allow her to stand out instead. The knot detailing adds a fun, messy touch that allows her denim shorts and braided brown belt to be seen and flaunted. If she were to just wear the top, her shorts and belt would get no spotlight and that would be a shame now wouldn’t it? The beauty denim brings is in its ability to transform itself into many different looks and styles.

Whether you’re gravitating toward casual, dressy, laid back, cool or sophisticated, denim has won the gold for transformation. This Fashionista pulls off a perfectly feminine look. Her cute open-toe heeled shoes with studded detailing are the perfect addition to her denim-on-denim ensemble. Her shoes will allow her to look taller and give her the opportunity to show off her legs. It’s the perfect balance and there’s no pressure or war between the denim and her shoes. They share the spotlight peacefully.

So unlike Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, I think it’s safe to say that this Fashionista has mastered the art of denim on denim. No one will cringe when eyes are laid on her.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When trying out the denim on denim look for the first time, go for washes that will balance out each other.”