Denim has been all the rage for so many generations. This new generation has especially become attached to the infamous ’90s denim trend. Even more so, it clings to all the childhood memoirs the decade brought along with it. Perhaps it is a sense of nostalgia that reinstated the fashion trend; with so many of us growing older, we felt a disconnect from our childhood and decided to keep a small part of it by recycling the decades most famous fashion trend: denim.

The denim movement is still standing strong, coming back each season fully welcomed by all in the fashion community. Lucky for us, it’s something we can easily throw on and definitely look good in. Whether that article of clothing is the most obvious choice of jeans, jackets or occasional button-ups, we greatly appreciate them all. Some even dare to venture further and wear overalls or denim dresses, both of which I am still on the hunt for.

While searching for the next feature, I ran into this Fashionista who chose to pair her denim jacket with some skinny black jeans. She added a simple black shirt underneath and layered over an intricately designed scarf to ward off any prevailing winds. Finally, she added some leopard flats, a pattern that works well with her overall look.

The versatility of denim is perhaps the reason the trend continues to be recycled. I am one of those truly grateful for its return each season, patiently waiting to see all the new ways the trend will be featured.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Anything with a dark silhouette always works for me!”