There is no fabric more essential to a wardrobe than denim; it can be incorporated into practically every outfit in some form. The denim jacket has always been a tried and true addition to my closet adding a touch of cool to any look and wearable in any season.

To me, a denim jacket is the outerwear equivalent of an LBD; it has withstood the test of time and will always be a classic piece. From cropped to oversized, light wash to dark wash, there is a denim jacket for everyone.

A trusty denim jacket helps ease the transition from winter to spring as the weather changes. Especially in this unpredictable California winter weather, layering is key. You can wear it under a heavier coat as an inside layer or throw it over a printed dress on a warmer day.

This Fashionista is sporting an oversized denim jacket in an acid wash. Taking advantage of a warmer winter day in Los Angeles, she wasn’t afraid to show some skin with her black and white shift dress from Topshop paired with white Converse high-top sneakers.  The jacket adds a touch of California boho casual style, as well as contrast to a monochromatic, minimalistic look. All of these pieces are such simple staples on their own but come together to create a stylish outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love denim jackets because of their versatility; I can dress them up or down! This jacket has been everywhere, and it gets more comfortable with each wear.”