Denim on top of denim has been around for decades. So the idea of this trend dying out now is not in question. We’ve seen this trend on celebrities in the early 2000s; some were a tad overboard with the trend then. Do you remember when Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears rocked the all over denim look at the Video Music Awards in 2001? And how 13 years later Katy Perry and Rif Raf recreated the look at the same award show, going a tad overboard with it? Again, this trend isn’t going anywhere, as long as it’s done right and fashionable.

Thinking of this trend, I have seen many people who attempt this very simplistic look by turning it gaudy or trashy. There are ways to accomplish this look without causing too much attention or creating a fashion faux pas. Simplicity to wearing denim upon denim can either take your look from nostalgic to girlie to a night out with the girls or boo. Speaking of the nostalgic look, I’ve noticed that many of our fellow Fashionistas/os have gone back in time to a mix of the past couple of decades.

This Fashionista believes that simplicity is a great way to rock this trend. She paired her denim look with a pair of white, worn Converse. The shoes give off a classic feel to our Fashionista. Her high-waisted jeans have been distressed only at the knee, which adds to the grunginess of the overall look. Her cuffed jeans and rolled sleeves gives her that nostalgia look of the 1950s, a favorable decade. Complementing the look, our Fashionista wears a simple gold necklace with her name: adding to the simplicity of the look. Denim on denim can be worn year round, making this simple trend very versatile.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always to remember that less is more! You can never go wrong with a classic ensemble. You can still be chic yet edgy at the same time depending on how you pair your pieces together.”