There is so much to love about the fall. The leaves start changing, the weather gets cooler and the fashion window opens for even more creativity! For some, like myself, fall fashion is their favorite season. It opens the door to different and darker colors, as well as different materials that are not made for the summer. While denim is one of those materials which can be worn year-round, the way it’s used in the fall is like no other season.

Although things are changing outside, fall doesn’t necessarily mean “cold.” This Fashionista is showing off her impeccable style with a denim on denim explosion! Typically, I would advise against denim on denim, as it seems harsh and sort of constricted. This Fashionista’s style makes me rethink that entire premise. She decided to pair an absolutely fabulous denim top with a pair of jeans, which tied the look together. Keeping the top open and adding a camisole definitely added that relaxed look without making it lazy. To accessorize, this Fashionista added a very simple, yet adorable, brown purse with a belt to coordinate. She also paired the look with sandals, which made the outfit very appropriate for campus, and still gave her that added style. Adding a little sparkle, she decided to pair the look with a Juicy Couture chunk necklace, which is my absolute favorite accessory. The bracelet she added is impeccable. The Roman combat look of her bracelet fits very well with this overall outfit.

Altogether, this is an adorable look, which actually complemented the Fashionista’s body type as well. It didn’t make her stiff and like a board, and it fit her very nicely. If you’re looking for a relaxed, but still extremely stylish look, denim on denim is the new thing.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “To keep it classy, but still add your own personality into your look. Denim for me is very laid back, but still adds flare and makes one stand out in a crowd.”