As some of you may know, living in the state of Michigan means enduring inconsistent weather patterns. Even on a summer day, it can go from cloudy and 64 degrees to sunny and 75. Creating an outfit around these weather conditions can be tricky, but fear not Fashionista/os; this challenge allows for higher creativity.

This Fashionista is wearing an acid-washed denim jacket from the one and only Target (pronounce in French accent). This jacket is pure perfection when it comes to summer layering. On a summer day, the weather starts off with a chill in the morning, which means this jacket is a good starter for the day. When the temperature rises, this Fashionista can easily take off her jacket and go on with her day.

Underneath, this Fashionista is wearing a strapless striped romper which is set to endure the summer sun. I am in love with the black and white stripes on this garment because it creates contrast. On the runway, designer Jonathon Saunders displays stripes that create a chic, bold contrast. Stripes are the epitome of classical prints that never go away.

Her purse is a RAD accessory to match her outfit and her white high-tops are on fleek. Both her purse and Converse are cool additions to her outfit due to the matching color schemes. They are the magnificent topping on the cake.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be fooled by the weather. There will be bipolar days of both cool air and summer heat. The summer weather is just another creative way to challenge your style.”