It’s common knowledge that early mornings and college students don’t mix well. Late nights studying at the library or dancing at happy hour result in a frantic rush the next day and the first thing to go is usually fashion. It’s easy for students to reach for their athletic clothes or sweatpants when they’re in a rush or just want to be comfortable. I admit that I’m guilty of slacking off on my style when my hectic schedule gets in the way, but the Fashionista I found this week proves that creating a quick and comfortable look is easy.

I’ve always been jealous of men’s denim when I was stuck wearing movement-restricting skinny jeans, so I was excited to see the reemergence of looser fitting jeans for women. This week’s Fashionista wore slightly distressed, cuffed boyfriend jeans, a great option for lazy days. They’re trendy and cool, but the relaxed fit and worn denim make them comfortable enough to throw on for an 8 a.m. class.

Boyfriend jeans can sometimes be too big around the waist due to their looser fit. To combat this issue, this student wore a multicolored braided belt. I don’t typically utilize belts, but they can be both a practical adjustment tool and an eye-catching accessory. I love this colorful embroidered belt made by Lucky Brand.

 When I first tried on this style of jeans, I had a hard time knowing what to wear on top. I found that, similar to this student’s look, a casual T-shirt or tank always looks great. The combination is sporty and comfortable, making it the perfect go-to outfit for busy mornings.

This Fashionista’s brightly colored flat sandals add a pop of color to the rest of the outfit’s neutrals. Her sandals are a great transition accessory for spring because they look great with jeans, but could also work with a floral sundress or a pretty chiffon skirt.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I don’t usually get fancy for class, but I’m always looking for ways to dress fashionably and comfortably. I wear a lot of dresses and leggings so these boyfriend jeans are a good way for me to switch things up.”