Length is an important element when it comes to trends. For example, mini skirts, maxi dresses and crop tops are all changing elements of lengths. Balenciaga, Apiece Apart, and Christophe Lemaire have shown their lengthy designs of both coats and vests for their spring 2015 ready-to-wear collections.

This Fashionista is wearing a long, dramatic masculine coat. The cool thing is that she got her coat for only four dollars at Goodwill, which is a fabulous steal! This coat is brown and masculine on the outside, but has a playful orange lining on the inside. Due to the strong wool fabric and the ankle length coverage, the coat has all the potential for warmth, without sealing buttons and zippers. This Fashionista not only plays around with length, but also layers her garments well.

In addition, this Fashionista is wearing an oversized gray striped cardigan, brown leggings, snow boots and a green knit beanie. Her whole outfit not only has beautiful dark tones, but also light tones that pop in the gray cardigan and the orange lining. Overall, her whole outfit coexists in harmony.

The vibe this Fashionista displays is relaxed and down to earth. Her look is also essential for walking around campus during this winter season. Not only is she stylish, but also comfortable. Let’s just say she will be fully warm from head to toe.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Play around with different lengths. Experiment with coats, skirts, vests, shirts, boots, gloves, etc. The limit does not exist! Fashion is about exploring all the elements in order to create a unique look.”