When we have those chilly summer evenings, it can be hard to find the perfect outfit. You know it will be warm out, but there is also a brisk chill in the air. You have to choose something that will keep you warm, but also light and breathable in case you get too hot. Layers are always a good choice on the East Coast.

This Fashionista is wearing patterned ankle pants and a lightweight black Henley layered with a classic leather biker jacket. She also added black lace-up sandals and a tan suede bag with fringe detailing.

Can we all just take a look at and appreciate these awesome fish pants? They transport me right to the beach! They also remind me of one of my favorite candies (hello, Swedish Fish)! I adore the uniqueness of these Anthropologie trousers. Statement pieces such as these bottoms create an artistic flair while still keeping it simple. You have to build off of them—stay within the same color scheme and don’t add too much detail because you don’t want to appear overbearing.

This is a very stylish, yet practical look: statement pants that come to the ankle (not too hot), a lightweight top with a jacket (to remove if you get too warm) and adorable lace-up sandals with a low heel (comfortable but also accentuate the legs).

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Pick one big piece of clothing or an accessory and let that be the statement of the outfit and work around it. Don’t add too much because that’s when the outfit gets crazy. In this case, my fish pants are the statement and everything else is simple to let the pants make the mark.”