September 17th, 2015 at 2:00am

Getting from point A to point B on campus can be a challenge sometimes (I should know. I’m dangerously uncoordinated; I fell down some stairs on my first day of class). If you’re not into sketchy bus rides or trying to turn a thirty minute walk to class into a ten minute jog because you’re late, humans invented this cool thing called a bike. And with that college campuses have given birth to the “cyclenista”; a trendsetter gliding from point A to point B effortlessly with stylish whimsy. They’re comfortable, punctual and chic.

Kent’s campus is filled with Fashionistas. No matter where you walk, it’s not hard to spot people who sport one-of-a-kind looks. Kent’s campus is also filled with hills. I totally admire the Fashionistas getting from class to class in heels and tight jeans on a hot day. You do you, girl. But in college, comfort should definitely play a role in how one dresses. This Fashionista shows us how it’s done with a delicate ensemble to coast around campus in. She pairs a sheer, floral blouse with feminine, lace trimmed high-waisted shorts for a literally cool outfit to wear on her relaxing ride. She adds a sunhat for chic shade and simple black booties. The finishing touch is a bold blue wristlet to carry her bare necessities in. Her look is bright and eye-catching, making her a fashionable flash as she flies through Kent.

For this Fashionista, it is possible to have the best of both worlds. Cute and comfy can coexist seamlessly.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t trick yourself into thinking you need to wear layers and walk around in sky high wedges to be fashionable. The more comfortable you are in your look, the more confident you’ll be wearing it.”


  • Allyson Kramer

    Currently a fashion merchandising student at the lovely Kent State University with a minor in public relations Loves long walks on the beach and Betty White