October 19th, 2015 at 2:10am

Sometimes, a trend comes around that you just can’t ignore. It can seem that everyone is wearing this must-have item. However, when a trend comes around so versatile that so many Fashionistas with a spectrum of personal styles all become fans, it seems silly not to try it for yourself!

Enter the button-front A-line skirt. This wildly popular street-style favorite is quickly becoming a staple in every Fashionista’s closet. This skirt is often seen in denim or suede versions, in both mini and midi lengths. The button-front skirt can be co-opted by Fashionistas who subscribe to edgy, feminine, boho or classic styles—basically, these skirts can transform to fit into any stylish girl’s closet.

This Fashionista’s take on the button-front skirt is sophisticated and feminine, and it’s just long enough for an internship with a casual dress code. She wears a soft beige sweater tucked into her skirt, which elevates an otherwise casual skirt into a polished look that is able to transition smoothly into more brisk fall temperatures.

The tie at the waist, front pockets and khaki color are a unique twist on the button-front skirt trend that helped this Fashionista stand out from the pack. Simple flats in navy offer a subtle pop of color to this otherwise neutral look, and the classic pearl earrings and necklace combination finishes off this feminine Fashionista’s look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love skirts that can be turned from casual to dressy. I could wear this to class with a plain white T-shirt and neutral sandals for a more dressed-down vibe.”