When it starts to get cold, we all struggle with what to wear. It is hard to find a balance of looking cute, yet staying warm. For the perfect balance, vests are a great way to look cute and still be warm! The best part about vests is that they come in all patterns, colors and textures that can cater to anyone’s preferences.

So how can you wear a vest so that you can stand out? This Fashionista is sporting it one of many ways. A quarter zip with monogrammed initials is paired underneath the vest to add warmth. She pairs it with sneakers and leggings and is ready to take on anything that comes her way. She keeps her hair cute and simple in a half-up bun that can last all day. This Fashionista’s look is sporty and cute, all while still being comfortable and warm.

When thinking about this trend, I think of all the ways you can wear it and layer it. Vests have gone in and out of style throughout the years. Within the past two years, vests have become popular once again! With new textures and patterns to choose from, this trend is bound to last.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My goal when wearing a vest is layering. If I am wearing a vest,  I don’t want to wear a coat over it, so having cute sweatshirts and sweaters underneath keeps me warm, but still looking cute.”