When in need of finding a Fashionista quickly, look no further than the Museum of Modern Art, where the fashionable from near and far converge in one building to appreciate the works or Warhol, Pollock and Kahlo among many others. Although I have always seen the menswear trend pulled off online and in magazines, it’s been very rare that I have actually seen it pulled off so well in real life! This was one of those rare instances.

As a fan of sneakers, boots and more sensible footwear, I find it so thrilling to find new ways to work them into my wardrobe. The classic Converse All-Stars have been a fashion staple since the ’30’s, although for years they were solely worn by basketball players and soldiers training in WWII. Since then, they’ve been embraced by many and are now globally recognized. A pair of basic black Converse All-Stars are a staple of many closets as they can easily be worked into most outfits. Also, in New York City I don’t find it very smart to wear any other type of footwear, especially on a day intended for a museum visit.

The next feature of this outfit that I loved was her oversized coat. What I love about winter is the ability to wear layers, and the massive variety of coats and jackets available. Men’s overcoats have been a stand out this season, and I couldn’t be happier! They’re huge, incredibly warm and your father probably has one that he probably wouldn’t notice missing if you decide to “borrow” it for the season. I remember it being especially cold this day, and totally envying her for being warmer than my brown peacoat could ever afford me.

However, what most allured me to this Fashionista were her brown slacks. They’re the perfect length and the perfect width so that they don’t have a chance of getting wet from snow nor do they appear to be so wide where they distort her shape. As a Fashionista with unusually muscular calves, I am positively relieved to find a pant that my legs don’t cause a problem with. Athletic girls, these are pants that I believe we all need. No longer shall we be restrained by too-tight skinny pants! A tip on wearing these bottoms would be to follow our Fashionista and pair loose with loose, as this seems to compliment both pieces in the best ways possible. This style can also transition into spring by switching up the colors. Luckily pastels have been growing in popularity, so finding a pastel overcoat and pastel slacks proves to be an easy task.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Now’s the opportunity to be fearless and finally go for it! Now’s the time for pulling off menswear. Whether it’s a more subtle approach such as oxfords or menswear-inspired shoes, or a bigger risk such as this Fashionista has done with her overcoat and slacks – it’s all up to you! Fit the trend to your level of comfortableness, and work it out to absolute success.