Bring out the plaid shirts, crop tops and middle parts, the ’90s are back! Time to dust off that Tamagotchi, feed that Furby and get jiggy with it, because you are all that and a bag of chips! Most of us are products of the ’90s but were too young to really enjoy that much of the fashion era.

This Fashionista had been walking past me on my way to class all semester and when I saw this ensemble I had to stop her! I found out that she is heavily influenced by the fashion of the ’90s and takes these trends into her personal interpretation of style, taking the iconic staples of a genre like the crop top and adding a sophisticated flare.

The black turtleneck crop top is a sleek element that pops against the dark wash skinny jean, creating a seamless silhouette of an effortlessly cool look. The black loafers and rolled up skinnies are my favorite part about this outfit. Putting a more elegant piece like these Coach leather flats with the simplicity of the jean is so Pretty in Pink.

My style advice of the week is to reimagine, recreate and to explore with fashion trends, make them your own! Style is all interpretation of personal expression; tell your own story with your outfits!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “It’s important to embrace different time periods, even recent ones. I find inspiration in the story that I can tell from my outfits.”