For many of us, November is a time where we all try to stay on top of our hectic lives as the year begins to wrap up and come to a close. The semester feels as though it’s frantically finishing and students must rush to get essays, projects and finals completed. But who says that your style has to suffer? The air might be brisk, but it’s easy to stay warm and cozy if you know what to wear.

This week, I spoke to a Fashionista who appeared to know just how to keep herself warm while she stressed over classes and other responsibilities. Not only did she choose a cozy sweater, but she also decided on one that was cute and classy. The baby blue color extenuates her dark chocolate brown hair, while the ice cream cone adds a flair that depicts her sweet and friendly personality. This Fashionista also wore one of her favorite sterling silver necklaces that has a symbolic meaning behind it. The necklace represents feminine power and is said to be a defense against negative energy and evil. This Fashionista knows just how to make a statement and express herself by wearing some of her favorite pieces.

Furthermore, this Fashionista wore a cute pair of brown knee-high boots that are perfect for this chilly fall weather. Now that the weather is colder, that walk to class around campus can become tortuous at times. Dressing in warm apparel, like this Fashionista did, is the best way to combat that struggle. Even if the end of the semester is a stressful time for us all, dressing well and warm is the best way to keep yourself thinking positively and feeling cozy.

What is your STYLE ADICE OF THE WEEK? “Be comfortable with what you’re wearing. One of my favorite winter outfits is a pair of leggings, a sweater and boots. In the winter, my biggest objective is to be cozy.”