STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Coordinating Shades and Patterns

With leaves falling, temperatures dropping and the year coming to a close, it’s important to look your best for the home stretch. Although easier said than done, looking stylish during the winter season is not the first priority when you know that it’s freezing outside, not to mention that finals are right around the corner. Thus, finding how to look stylish, comfortable and warm this winter is one thing that can easily be checked off your holiday wish list.

This Fashionisto was on his way to class wearing his classy and simple outfit. He decided to coordinate a dark greenish-brown collared long-sleeve shirt with his tan colored pants. The shirt has subtle diamond patterns, which gives the shirt an “indie” vibe and hip uniqueness to it. In order to block the cold winter breeze, he matched the outfit with a green-brown knit mustache cardigan.  The green-brown color of the cardigan complements the darker shirt underneath, thus making the outfit look cohesive. The cardigan is a great way to stay warm this season while staying classy and professional, which is perfect when looking for a job. Since we college students still want to show our youthful side, the mustache found on the right side of the cardigan, is the perfect pop of attitude and humorous character that is found within.

Last but not least, the Fashionisto topped the outfit off with a checkered flat cap. Popular in the 1920s, flat caps are vintage hats which are trending today. They are the perfect headwear for keeping your head cozy but also looking professional and classy during this winter season. The checkered pattern, made of different shades of brown, matches perfectly with the brown and dark green color scheme of the overall look, while drawing just the right amount attention as well.

Although most stylists will argue that mixing several different patterns and colors in a single outfit will likely result in a fashion crime, mixing complementing colors with subtle patterns could actually concoct a fashion success.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My style comes from a place of comfort. What you wear needs to be comfortable and that tends to change a lot, at least for me it does. But the most important thing is making peace with yourself no matter what shape or form that takes.”