October 11th, 2016 at 2:00am

This Fashionista was spotted making her way down one of of the bustling streets in Hong Kong’s Mong Kok district, and she immediately stuck out. “This is the type of girl you see on Pinterest-style boards,” people must have thought as they turned their heads to take a better look at the look she had crafted.

You know the type of girl we’re talking about: the one, who somehow balances all of modern fashion’s juxtapositions. Her outfit was effortlessly minimalist, but didn’t sacrifice textural complexity; her soft smile was welcoming while her ripped denim and leather accents exuded an air of unmistakable coolness. This girl wasn’t just stylish—she was interesting.

Since the trends this Fashionista rocked (like distressed denim and metal-accented bags) have recently skyrocketed in popularity, boutique versions can easily break the bank. However, this Fashionista emphasized the importance of shopping smart and concentrating on trustworthy and lasting brands, especially as a college student. Case in point: her uber hip boyfriend jeans are from none other than American Eagle Outfitters and her ultra versatile booties are from H&M. Bonus: both pieces are staples she can easily transition between day and night and can use to build countless other outfits. That’s a win in the CollegeFashionista book!

This Fashionista undeniably knows how to put an outfit together, but more importantly, she knows how to rock that outfit. It wasn’t just the perfect cuff of her jeans or the cascading flow of her hair that made her the ultimate Fashionista to showcase this fall. Rather, it was the way she navigated the city with a confident-without-being-cocky strut and the way she pulled off the edgy-but-still-approachable vibe. In other words: it wasn’t just the clothes that made this Fashionista fabulous (though they certainly helped). It was herShe was fabulous to begin with. And surprise: so are you.

You’ve heard the old adage: “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.” This Fashionista proves that it’s true: everything—yes, even an already stunning outfit—looks better when the person rocking it feels good about themselves and the clothes they’re sporting. So ladies and gents, grab your flannels and fall gear and head into the new season with a smile on your face and a strut in your step. With just a few staples from your most beloved store in tow, you’ll be set to conquer the world.