When I was trying to find someone to photograph this month, I was excited to remember that I had some photoshoots coming up for a student organization I’m a part of. Each semester, we have fashion editorial shoots and our fashion director is one of the most stylish people you’ll ever meet. So, I instantly knew I would wait and see if I could catch her for my article. When I took her photos and asked her for any style advice she had, she told me that anyone can wear whatever they think looks good and as long as they have confidence, they’ll pull it off. Not only was this advice the most essential fashion advice I think any budding Fashionista/o can hear, I also think it went well with the outfit she was wearing.

Although we worked from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on our shoot in the wind and cold, she was still effortlessly dressed in a rust colored turtleneck, knee-high boots, leggings and a camel color jacket. Her outfit was on par with many fall trends right now: rust colored anything is making a huge statement, knee-high and thigh-high boots are equally as popular, and camel colored jackets have been in since a Zara one went “fashion viral” last winter season. In particular, her turtleneck caught my attention the most because it was oversized and could be seen as “too” baggy, but because she paired it with sleek elements on her bottom half it didn’t look overpowering. She kept the accessories relatively simple since we were working for multiple hours; her black sunnies and large tote were enough to make the outfit seem even more fashionable.

Before I took this Fashionista’s photos, she pulled her hair down from her messy updo for my photos and told me she wasn’t prepared for this. But, she followed her own advice, exuded confidence and the photos came out great. Though her outfit was simple and likely thrown on for warmth, it still was fashionable, chic and beautifully worn.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Anyone can wear anything. As long as they feel great about it and are confident in it, they can pull it off.”