Attending concerts of new or alternative bands has really become quite popular for college students in recent years, and one of the most exciting parts about attending is choosing what to wear. However, dressing appropriately can become pretty tricky when it comes to such alternative artists, as their unique but classic sounds can be hard to emulate with an outfit.

Showcasing style at an EDM or country concert is a much easier task, either by throwing on some obnoxiously colored neon pieces and some funky accessories or a pair of cowboy boots and a flannel. However, when it comes to alternative sound, fans are left with a bit of confusion for how to show their love, show off their style and still look super cool. This Fashionisto is absolutely nailing it, sporting the perfect outfit to attend an alternative concert. His graphic T-shirt, cool Levi Brand Jeans denim and funky Vans are casual enough for the classic sound, yet still give off a hipster vibe.

The T-shirt he is wearing here is the focal point of this outfit, as it makes him look as though he’s both an Urban Outfitters Instagram model and subtly shows his love for his favorite alternative band, Alt-J. The bold graphic and unexpected wash of the tee make it look ultra-hipster, but any other true fan of Alt-J’s could pick up on the signature print he’s rocking. The classic denim that this Fashionisto has paired with his graphic T-shirt works because it makes it look as though he’s not trying too hard to stand out for an alternative concert, but still values quality clothing. However, my absolute favorite part of this ensemble would have to be his Vans. The classic old school style and creamy off-white leather of the high-top sneakers emulates the classic sound of a band like Alt-J perfectly. These sneakers pull the entire outfit together while helping to give this Fashionisto a unique vibe and style from everyone else at the concert.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “If you don’t want to risk looking overdressed at an alternative band’s concert, stick with a cool T-shirt of theirs and some Levi jeans!”