October 15th, 2015 at 2:06am

In the current state of weather conditions, Georgia is  experiencing its annual spasmodic transition into the fall season. This time is usually a test of my creative sartorial talents as I am challenged to dress appropriately for whatever temperatures I encounter for the day. The shift in seasons also proves to be an interesting time period on campus because students are beginning to exchange shorts and flip flops for casual hunter green parkas and leather boots galore. The style revolution that signals the arrival of fall on campus piques my style stalking eye with interest as I examine the crowds for a street style star. 

When I spotted this Fashionisto’s ensemble, I was overcome with satisfaction. To find a male on a campus who has conquered the weather patterns in style is cause for a mini sartorial celebration. He takes the layering game to another level by playing with a military green and black color palette in addition to mixing textures and shapes. Comfort serves as the foundation of his ensemble with a simple striped sweater and the on-trend jogger pant. The added touch of the cuffed jogger pant indicates a mindful attention to detail combined with a taste for adding dimension. The oversized parka he layers on is an added level of sartorial sophistication. For accessories, the canvas tote and white canvas sneakers juxtapose the darkness of the other layers of clothing and add a light, airy feel. My favorite element is the backward facing black cap simultaneously acting as an homage to the ’90s trend and a statement piece representing the current fashionable baseball cap trend.

In essence, what I take from this Fashionisto’s look is that layering is key. Layers add the ability to add or subtract as desired to achieve both a level of comfort and style. So next time you step outside, let your college student desire for comfort and versatility drive your sartorial choices.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Comfort above all. I dress to feel comfy and breathable especially given the shift to fall we are experiencing—big, baggy clothes and lots of linen.”