With the cold weather finally kicking in here in the Midwest, I have been seeing a lot of cold weather footwear. Duck boots, Sorrels and Hunter Boots are having a huge moment this year. All of these boots are super cute, but come at a (fairly high) cost. With the season of gift giving behind us, and a new season of tuition and rent right in front of us, saving money seems more and more attractive. Instead of dishing out dollars on a new pair of boots, why not reach into your closet and grab a staple that every Fashionista/o has: combat boots.

As is made clear in the name, combat boots are part of the military trend. However, over the years they have spread to all parts of the fashion spectrum. From being paired with a girly sundress to completing the edgy leather jacket and skinny jeans combo, these boots where made for walking all over the fashion scene (sorry, that was really, really lame). With so many different ways to wear combat boots, it is easy to make them feel new time and time again.

So, what are some ways to make combat boots feel fresh in the winter? This Fashionista paired her black Steve Madden’s with some comfy gray socks, a classic dark wash, high-wasted pair of jeans and a thick knit black popover. She chose to stick to her classic theme by opting for minimal accessories; a few silver bangles, a thin necklace and a small maroon cross-body. This understated look is totally timeless.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love utilizing pieces that can be worn year around. These boots are great for any season, and their comfort is an added bonus.”