Although color theory is most frequently associated with fine arts, it’s undeniable how useful it can be in developing your everyday style. It’s not only important in your clothing, but also in your hair color and choice of makeup as well. Understanding how different hues complement one another will bring you one step closer to creating the coolest and most eye-catching color combinations on campus. Don’t worry, there’s no need to memorize the entire color wheel to achieve this!

Admittedly, I don’t often experiment with color in my outfits, as many will know I am a neutrals girl through and through. However, I can definitely appreciate when someone knows how to pair colors, and this stunning Fashionista has an obvious gift for doing so! Her outfit, which is dominated by this year’s Pantone color pick Rose Quartz, is just simply visually pleasing. The dreamy pale blush tones are paired with light neutrals that nicely balance each element. For example, her gray hijab creates the perfect break in color and stops the outfit from looking too top-heavy.

I love that even while wearing such feminine colors this Fashionista kept her look edgy with a suede baseball hat, a bomber jacket, and sneakers. Alongside the chic white skinny jeans, her backpack and metal accessories give this outfit a luxurious vibe that is still casual enough for going to class.

So are you feeling inspired to master color theory yet? Trust me, it’s not as difficult as it may seem, and it might even come naturally to you. I know that I will certainly be trying to find new ways to incorporate soft colors into my wardrobe this season. Who knows, maybe you’ll even catch me wearing a primary color or two.