A lot has changed in the past few decades in regards to body and hair alterations. Back in the 1950s anyone with tattoos, piercings or colored hair had a very negative stereotype attached to them. I love that now these elements of self-expression are much more mainstream and even celebrated. There have been lots of hair trends involving color recently. Colored highlights, colored ombres, all over colored hair, dip dyed hair and everything in between. There are so many colors being utilized as well like gray, teal, lavender, blue and pink. This Fashionista decided to stay on trend with pink dip dyed hair and the result is stunning. No matter which way you go, colored hair is a bold statement that really adds a punch of color to outfits.

I stopped this Fashionista heading home from a fashion lecture. Her vibrant bright pink hair and dramatic dark lipstick caught my eye. The way this Fashionista styled her look creates a very cohesive product. She pairs a gray plaid shirt with leather leggings, and knee-high boots. She draws focus to her hair with her statement felt hat. This Fashionista has taken hold of the grunge revival that is a major trend right now, but there are lots of different ways to rock this beauty trend. It is not uncommon to see girls with pastel hair, button-ups and sweaters around the Kent State campus. Nothing is off limits anymore and all styles are adapted to fit individual tastes.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to be different.”