When you think “edgy,” what colors come to mind? Black, silver, charcoal gray? It’s the unspoken rule that in order to have an edgy style, you need to drown yourself in colors from the crypt (sorry, too excited for Halloween!). This Fashionista is making it her mission to change that way of thinking.

On a brisk fall morning, I found this Fashionista sipping her coffee in an alleyway, doing everything but blending in to the brick. Her rebellious demeanor emanated from her dip-dyed purple hair and her deep plum pout. The longline T-shirt with deep side slits emphasized her love of colors without compromising her covert attitude. The color of the shirt and lipstick may seem matchy-matchy to some people, but who cares? This is the epitome of rebel style!

A long neutral cardigan and black leggings keep the outfit bold, not wacky, and make this look perfect for crisp autumn days on campus. An eclectic mishmash of necklaces adds to the flair, and intricately-designed earrings are an unexpected twist. Studs or plugs are an obvious choice, but the classically feminine design of these earrings make the outfit her own. To top it all off, nothing toughens up this outfit like a gray beanie. The hat is practical for the weather, but essential for the fashion.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Do something out of character this week. Mismatch that cat-print top with those striped leggings. Dye your hair blue, or purple or a mix of the two! But most importantly, think of clothing as a costume. You could be someone new every day.”