It’s officially winter. We’ve gotten past those unusually warm December days and entered into the frigid air of January. So, the question now is—what goes under all of those bulky layers? Do we skip the coat and face the cold to look fashionable or do we dress up our coat as our outfit? Luckily, there are ways to get creative and do both.

This Fashionisto was spotted staying warm in the midst of the first snowfall of 2016. He has a style that mixes southern gentleman with suave European. This particular outfit starts with his first layer being jeans and a white button-down shirt. These staple pieces are every guy’s go-to for any season. They’re light for the summer and early fall but warm enough for early spring. On top of this, he adds a thick blazer on top, which is perfect for winter. This blazer isn’t casual like you would wear to any event, but it is thicker and more like a coat. I think the best thing about this blazer is the color. It’s not a brown and it’s not quite a gray which means you can mix it with just about anything you want which for him was a coffee-colored scarf. Adding some more flare to his outfit, this Fashionisto placed a dark and earthy-toned pocket square in his jacket.

On his feet are a classic pair of Kenneth Cole Reaction loafers that match every stitch of his ensemble. They don’t detract from his outfit and they are just enough to make the outfit look amazing. A look like this one can be found on any runway from Calvin Klein to Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren. It is the perfect look for staying warm but classy this winter.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “It’s never too cold to look your best.”