STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Coffee, Bean (Boots) and Teal Streaks

Would you look at that? We’ve reached December! That means finals are coming up and everyone’s finishing up final projects. For some schools, it also means fun, stress relieving activities. At my school, we have fun things like Drag Queen Bingo and  Puppy Playdate days during December to make sure the students aren’t going insane. For those of us not in college, December means the holidays and everything is super cozy. One of my favorite cozy things is the Red Velvet Hot Chocolate from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. It tastes just like red velvet cake and it’s delicious. My other favorite cozy things are sweaters and boots, which is why I loved this Fashionista’s outfit. It had the right amount of cozy and cute.

The piece of the outfit that the Fashionista loved the most was the L.L.Bean boots. She’s from Maine, so anything from Maine she 110 percent loves. I loved the pairing of the casual boots and jeans with the cute sparkly, white tank top and camel colored sweater. I thought that they contrasted just enough so the outfit was more interesting, without pieces looking like they just didn’t belong. This outfit also made me realize just how versatile Bean boots can be.

This Fashionista accessorized the outfit with a bold statement necklace, lots of rings and teal tips at the end of her hair. As someone who’s had crazy colored hair before, I know it can be difficult to find outfits that don’t clash with your hair. This outfit doesn’t clash and actually, in my opinion, makes her hair look a lot cooler.

This outfit is the perfect cozy, cute outfit for any occasion. Whether it’s for being home with family, hanging out with friends or crying into your own coffee at 3 a.m. while writing a 2,000 word paper, this outfit will work. You might feel cold on the inside, but you will be warm and cozy on the inside. Don’t forget, for those of you going into finals week soon, these are just assignments. Don’t put too much stress on yourselves. Have fun and happy holidays!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Invest in a good pair of boots and have lots of cozy sweaters. Also baby goats show affection by head-butting things”