September 17th, 2015 at 2:00am

It’s that time once again: back to school! Nothing says “back to school” quite like an oversized sweater, comfy sneakers and a backpack that weighs as much as you do, right? Well, this Fashionista does not quite agree. She has decided to cling on to these last few days of summer with every cute outfit she has.

This Fashionista, whom is really from Connecticut but is a self-proclaimed “California girl”, kept her look simple and California cool with a denim ruffled halter top, distressed white shorts and rainbow flip flops. Chambray shirts and denim shirts became super popular in 2013 and haven’t quite gone away yet. This Fashionista decided to take this trend in a different direction though. As opposed to the typical chambray button-down that can be found in almost any closet, she choose a denim shirt that is much more appropriate for the Cali girl she is. This halter-top is a great piece because it is feminine with the single ruffle around the bust but a bit loose, which keeps it appropriate and versatile. This top will also be a great layering piece for the fall when the weather forces this Fashionista to give up her summertime trends. Her distressed white denim shorts are paired very well with the denim top. They add a bit more of a casual feel, which makes this look perfect for class!

To finish it off, she threw on her favorite Rainbow flip flops and her oversized watch that she received as a graduation gift. They are cute and practical!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You can always make basics look classic. Stay simplistic and wear your tan until it fades, girl!”