One of the best parts of being in New York City is seeing the wide variety of people this wonderful metropolis attracts. People watching is easily a favorite pastime of most residents and tourists alike. With such a variety of personalities, comes an intriguing selection of fashions. I have seen styles I want to emulate, styles I wish I could but will never be able to pull off, styles that make me question some thing,s but always styles I can admire. It’s definitely okay to be a little wacky here, but the classics are totally always welcome as well.

This Fashionisto chooses to sport some of the basic of basics. You can’t get much simpler than a white T-shirt and jeans, yet it’s how he styles the outfit as a whole that caught my eye. This look just screams with the coolness factor. I’m pretty dorky, but I’m pretty sure even I could look effortlessly cool in this.

The statement piece of this outfit is obviously the leather jacket. No matter how hot it gets here in the city, Fashionista/os aren’t willing to give up their fashion choices. I’m pretty sure having a go-to leather jacket is like a right of passage of living in New York City. This broad jacket looks great over a slimmer fitting white T-shirt.

I love how he rolled the sleeves and bottoms of his jeans. This makes the outfit look more put together and like he really put some thought into it. Keeping the jeans a lighter wash works for this look. Rolling up the pant legs also allows for the shoes to fully be shown and noticed.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You can look to celebrities and other people for inspiration, like this look was inspired by James Dean, but your fashion and sense of style has to come from within and has to work with who you are.”