STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Classic Is Always On-Trend

As I walked to the library through a sea of baggie hoodies and sweats, a girl wearing a herringbone vest immediately caught my attention. With her poised look and a What Would Jackie Do? book in hand, this Fashionista carried an effortless, classic American vibe. The herringbone print has been a major trend this season. Designers such as Rebecca MinkoffBetsey Johnson and Dolce&Gabbana have been featuring the print in some of their most coveted fashion lines. To be quite frank, why wouldn’t they?

Although her adorable vest initially caught my attention, everything in her ensemble meshed together perfectly. Like a true prep, she wore a classic button-down blouse. I loved how she put a modern twist on the look and opted for a denim blouse rather than a traditional white one. Her black Hunter Boots not only matched her outfit, but were also practical for the rainy day. The black skinny pants and textured leather tote made her perfect combo look even more polished.  Finally, the sparkly statement necklace added the perfect touch of glam to complete the look.

Reflecting on this Fashionista’s outfit makes me think of Jackie Kennedy. Although this Fashionista did not wear one of Jackie O’s famous pillbox hats and a pair of white gloves, she still carried that classic glow that was so evident in anything, and everything, that the First Lady wore. Like one of our country’s most famous fashion icons, this Fashionista used an exquisite print, a cohesive color palette and just enough sparkle to pull off a chic look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Instead of worrying about the latest trends, focus on the fashion that is appealing to you. For me, I like pieces that are a little more classic. After all, if you are wearing something timeless, how can you possibly go wrong?”